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Nuclear Cybersecurity conference

Peter Fraser Hopewell

ETC-Enrichment Technology Company

ETC Head of Group Security

Peter is Head of Group Security for ETC Ltd a UK based International Technology Business with sites in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France and the United States.   ETC Ltd operates in the Nuclear Power industry manufacturing, transporting and installing sensitive equipment (centrifuges to enrich uranium for civil energy purposes) where appropriate Security is a key priority for the CEO and Board.  The business is heavily regulated with the requirement to meet International (IAEA) and national security standards..    In 2015 the ETC Executive Team endorsed a Security initiative to respond to the developing InfoSec and Cyber threats This included looking at future threats in an evolving Cyber arena and how ETC might meet these.  The Information Security team has been delivering a detailed plan to meet defined targets since 2016.    This has required leadership, careful management and close coordination across 5 countries with differing cultures and regulatory regimes.


Peter joined ETC Ltd in 2008 after a long and interesting army career.    During his time as an Army Officer Peter served in many operational theatres.   Leadership, management, planning and motivation were tested at various levels in demanding environments where the cost of failure (Political, Strategic, Operational and Tactical) could be significant.


With ETC Peter has established Group Level Security policies to support strategic, operational and tactical business objectives.   All this in a sector with significant growth then contraction as the market adjusts to demand; all of which has required the Security team to be flexible in their approach whilst delivering against regulatory requirements in 5 counties and the Corporate Business Plan.

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