Nuclear cyber security conference | Realisation of the Industrial Control Cyber Threat to Critical National Infrastructure


“Current Reporting on the Cyber Attack in Ukraine Resulting in Power Outage”

This post was written by Michael J. Assante, SANS ICS Director “There have been a small number of reports describing a power outage in Eastern Ukraine on the day before Christmas Eve. What makes these reports unique is the cited cause of the outage. A small number of sources in Russia and Ukraine indicate the […]

IAEA join the ICS Nuclear conference as Key Note speakers

The Cyber Senate are pleased to announce the IAEA will be joining us as Key Note presenters on the Industrial Control Cyber Security Nuclear conference we will be hosting in Warrington UK, May 24-25th 2016. For further information see

Fukushima nuclear plant ordered to upgrade from Windows XP

Fukushima nuclear plant ordered to upgrade from Windows XP 48,000 PCs running on out-of-date operating system By Lee Bell Thu Apr 23 2015, 14:25 A JAPANESE WATCHDOG has slammed the operators of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant after an audit revealed that most of its PCs run on Microsoft’s Windows XP. The plant’s owner […]

Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA announcements

Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA Detect, Respond, Recover. Together we can mitigate risk. The Cyber Senate are pleased to announce on October 13th in Sacramento California we will be joined by Key Note presenter ICS CERT Director, Marty Edwards of the Department of Homeland Security. Following his presentation we will hear from Michele Robinson, CA State […]

New Trojan based campaign, apparently focused on the Middle East, targeting energy companies and specifically trade secrets.

According to Symantec, “A new information stealer, Trojan.Laziok, acts as a reconnaissance tool allowing attackers to gather information and tailor their attack methods for each compromised computer.” More information can be found on Symantecs blog and we highly suggested familiarising your firm with this latest threat as although it is focused on the Middle East, […]

the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team received and responded to 245 incidents reported by asset owners and industry partners.

“The Energy Sector led all others again in 2014 with the most reported incidents” Please find the report here “Of the total number of incidents reported to ICS-CERT, roughly 55 percent involved advanced persistent threats (APT) or sophisticated actors. Other actor types included hacktivists, insider threats, and criminals. In many cases, the threat actors were […]

January 2015 Cyber Attacks Statistics

We recently discovered the data being compiled by Hackmageddon and wanted to share this information with our visitors and applaud Hackmageddon for attempting to correlate statisics and data, which surely is no easy task! Read full blog here: “It is time to summarize the data collected into the January 2015 Cyber Attacks timelines (Part […]

Attack on Pakistan Grid leaves 140 million without electricity

According to Skynews, “some 140 million people were left without electricity after a transmission line was attacked, knocking out the national grid.” Power has been restored to much of Pakistan after more than 140 million people were plunged into darkness due to an apparent rebel attack on a key power line. Up to 80% of […]

Common Cyber Attacks: Reducing The Impact – CERT UK

“In GCHQ we continue to see real threats to the UK on a daily basis, and I’m afraid the scale and rate of these attacks shows little sign of abating.” Robert Hannigan Director GCHQ

UK Government mandates new cyber security standard for suppliers

The government has worked with the Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises (IASME) consortium and the Information Security Forum (ISF) to develop Cyber Essentials, a set of basic technical controls for organisations to use. Download Cyber Essentials documents here: The full scheme, launched on 5 June 2014, enables organisations to gain 1 of 2 […]

Top 5 cybersecurity risks for 2015 “the next world war will be fought on a keyboard”

The Cyber Senate are pleased to have contributed to CNBC’s article on the Top 5 cybersecurity risks for 2015. Top 5 cybersecurity risks for 2015 Holly Ellyatt | @HollyEllyatt Monday, 5 Jan 2015 | 1:27 AM ET Zmeel Photography | E+ | Getty Images From identity theft and fraud to corporate hacking attacks, cybersecurity has never […]

Industrial Control Cybersecurity for Critical National Infrastructure

Accelerating the implementation and increasing the cybersecurity posture among energy companies throughout Europe and North America.

Securing the Internet of Things, and the mass proliferation of M2M devices.

2014 has seen some pretty amazing cybersecurity breaches, new vulnerabilities, sectors attacked that previously seemed isolated from such threats (Cars, Weather Stations? Medical Devices, electric vehicle charging stations), and yet in the name of efficiency, as a society we will continue to pursue the most effective ways possible to mitigate climate change, implement demand response […]

RaJ Samani joins the Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe conference, London September 29th & 30th 2015

The Cyber Senate are proud to announce the additon of Raj Samani to the Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe conference in September 29th and 30th. Mr Samani has supported our vision at the Cybersenate since our inception, and we are pleased to have him on board as a influential thought leader next September. Raj Samani VP, […]

Cyber Security for Communications Based Train Control

We launched our CBTC conference for Engineering Directors in 2014, having noticed and appreciated the vision these leaders possessed in relation to upgrading legacy systems, outdated rolling stock and replacing control systems communication. What really caught my attention, is like Smart Grids, in the name of efficiency ( and in this case increasing capacity infrastructure […]

Smart Roads, Traffic systems, and the threat of Smart City eco systems

Smart Traffic systems raise concerns over hacking vulnerabilities. Wireless communications infrastructure will never be %100 secure, and the advancing threats of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities continues with Smart Traffic Systems. Lighting systems, city monitoring systems (such as Smart City Barcelona are implementing) that monitor noise levels and the gathering of crowds as […]

Major fire at gas-fired Didcot B power station

Major fire breaks out in Oxfordshire UK at the Didcot B Power Station. The station has been successfully shut down to address the situation and fire and the National Grid has stated there will be no risk to electricity supplies. Authorities are investigating into the cause of the fire and are working to ensure the […]

McAfee Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Raj Samani discusses both the existence of the ‘cloud’ and whether online computing could be 100% secure.

McAfee Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Raj Samani discusses both the existence of the ‘cloud’ and whether online computing could be 100% secure. He speaks with Betty Liu on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg) Raj is a valued member of the Cyber Senate and is also the author of the upcoming book ‘Applied Cyber […]

Major cyber attack hits Norwegian oil industry Statoil

More than 50 Norwegian oil and energy companies have been hacked by unknown attackers, according to government security authorities. A further 250 firms have been advised by the Norwegian government that they ought to check their networks and systems for evidence of a breach, The Local reports. State-owned Statoil, Norway’s largest petro company, appears to be […]

Industry under attack – the threats facing the oil industry and recent incidents. Rig security testing and assessments

September 29th and 30th in London, the Cyber Senate will be hosting it’s inaugural Industrial Control Cyber Security conference, addressing current threats, vulnerabilities, development and standardization of cyber security controls and processes and the convergence of IT and OT.

Ship control systems cyber threat – Transport Security

Ship control systems present cyber threat  According to recent reports from KPMG’s Director in Cyber Security, Maritime control systems are vulnerable to hackers and represent a growing security threat. In a recent article, it was stated the Engineering staff are more likely to be cause and the biggest risk in these systems. It was stated […]

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