Nuclear cyber security conference | Realisation of the Industrial Control Cyber Threat to Critical National Infrastructure


“NuGen confidence that our approach to IT cyber security, and our forthcoming approach to OT cyber security will be on a good footing.”

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for organising this years Cyber / Nuclear event.  I just wanted to feed back to you that in terms of the standard of presentations, the team here at NuGen consider this year to be the best one yet. There were several key themes […]

Live ICS hacks: Telemetry loss during the Fukushima incident

On May 22/23rd the Cyber Senate 3rd annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Nuclear conference returns to Warrington, United Kingdom. This year Pen Test Partners will be providing a live demonstration on “Hacking ICS in Nuclear Facilities, from Telemetry to Mobile Data.” In their session they will demonstrate live ICS hacks, showing how ladder logic can be manipulated. They […]

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Nuclear, water treatment facilities, oil and gas refineries and chemical plants face cyber security threat

According to a recent article in the New York Times, “A Cyberattack in Saudi Arabia Had a Deadly Goal. Experts Fear Another Try.” “In August, a petrochemical company with a plant in Saudi Arabia was hit by a new kind of cyberassault. The attack was not designed to simply destroy data or shut down the […]

Securing level 1 I&C: a practitioners’ view

Key international nuclear cyber security conference hosted by the Cyber Senate “Nuclear Industrial Control Cybersecurity and Resilience,” takes place in Warrington Cheshire, UK on May 22/23rd 2018. The Cyber Senate are pleased to announce EDF Nuclear New Build, Design Authority cyber security specialist will be joining us to discuss Securing level 1 I&C: a practitioners’ view. “Hinkley Point […]

Maritime Cyber Security Summit London

Maritime Cyber Security Summit London

Leading security experts will gather in London in early 2018 to explore how the global maritime industry can better protect itself against cyber attacks.

Rail leaders to gather at London cyber security summit

Leaders from across the rail sector will gather in London in March 2018 for a conference exploring the cyber security threats to the industry and how they can be tackled.

Aviation cyber security conference London 2017

Aviation Cybersecurity—Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag by Peter Cooper

Mr Peter Cooper will be presenting on the November 21/22 Aviation Cyber Security Summit held by the Cyber Senate.

Aviation cyber security conference London 2017
Aviation cyber security Cyber Senate

Aviation Cyber security: 21st Century business enabler for the sector

Cyber security is a business enabler in the 21st century and getting it right provides a foundation that is necessary to move the business forward. Companies need to understand and manage risks before decisions can be made that are transformational, which are key to the rapidly changing aviation industry. Join us on November 21nd and […]

Industrial Control Cyber Security USA 2017 Cyber Senate conference

“The security threats to U.S. critical infrastructure span the digital divide” Presented by Idaho National Labs this October in Sacramento

The security threats to U.S. critical infrastructure span the digital divide. Resent attacks, like those in the Ukraine, blend the cyber and physical environment to cause confusion within and damage to the production environment. Modern cyber defense requires sophisticated operational tactics and strategies. Although, cyber hygiene is essential for fending off the daily barrage of […]

Cyber Senate 4th annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe conference

Understandings the BASICS – Optimising your ICS Security Posture

As Operational Technology (OT) environments become increasingly interconnected and smarter, organizations face significant digital transformation challenges. The business demand for the raw data and information produced by OT systems is growing exponentially both from an internal and external perspective. As the demand for data increases, so has the volume of cyber-attacks specifically aimed at OT […]

Cyber Senate 4th annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe conference

Why USB devices are still the #1 source of malware in Industrial Control Systems, presented by Honeywell

This September in London and October in Sacramento, we learn from Honeywell why USB devices are still the #1 source of malware in ICS. This discussion will help you understand how USB devices can pose a threat even without malware, including: o Surprisingly effective HID attacks o More advanced threats posed by rogue network devices, […]

Industrial Control Cyber Security USA 2017 Cyber Senate conference

Industrial Control Cyber Security Summit Sacramento announces all star line up of subject matter experts

We are pleased to announce our current line up of Industrial Control Cyber Security Subject Matter Experts for the 4th annual ICS USA conference in Sacramento California October 3/4th, hosted by the Cyber Senate. Speakers include: Keith Tresh, Commander, California Office of Emergency Services – California Cybersecurity Integration Center Tim Roxey, Vice President, Chief Special Operations Officer, NERC Darren Van […]

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Wargaming Battle Room for Industrial Control Cyber Security

The Cyber Senate are pleased to welcome in London this September 19/20th our Wargaming Partners, Circadence. Led by Laura A. Lee, Executive Vice President, participants at all levels of skill are welcome to play in Project Ares, a cyber training and assessment environment that transforms a virtualized network of users and systems into a game […]

4th Annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe and USA meetings to bring key stakeholders together this fall

Against a backdrop of targeted Industrial Control System cyber attacks against energy firms in the Ukraine power industry, the massive attacks against the Norway oil and gas industry, cyber attacks on Saudi Aramco and the new and continued threats such as Crash Override malware, Stuxnet, Havex, Dragonfly, Black Energy, and the potential impact of ransomware […]

European Rail Cyber Security Working Group announced

On September 12th the Cyber Senate will be hosting the European Rail Cyber Security Working Group in a roundtable format with discussion groups in the morning and outcomes presented in the afternoon. Capped at 70 participants, this face to face knowledge sharing exercise is specifically designed to assist all stakeholders in the rail ecosystem with […]

ICS and the need for public and private information sharing

The cyber attacks from the last week have affected entities globally, from telecommunication infrastructure to medical facilities across the UK to European utilities as well as multiple other types of industries and consumers. The WannaCry ransomware will go down in history for setting an example of how malicious software can disrupt global networks, leaving systems […]

The DHS issue Statement on WannaCry

“DHS Statement on Ongoing Ransomware Attacks” The DHS have issues a statement in relation to the latest ransomware attacks and advice on how to get help and deal with the cyber attack. “We are actively sharing information related to this event and stand ready to lend technical support and assistance as needed to our partners, […]

WANNACRY guidance from the NCSC

The NCSC issue guidance on Ransomware ‘The NCSC are aware of a ransomware campaign relating to version 2 of the “WannaCry” malware affecting a wide range of organisations globally. NCSC are working with affected organisations and partners to investigate and coordinate the response in the UK. This guidance will be updated as new information becomes available. From […]


“The National Cyber Security Strategy set out the Government’s overarching plan “to make Britain confident, capable and resilient in a fast-moving digital world.”2 This strategy specifically supports the Government in ensuring that the UK has a secure and resilient energy system, by ensuring that the civil nuclear sector is able to defend against, recover from, […]

New wave of cyberattacks against Ukrainian power industry

“The cyberattacks against the Ukrainian electric power industry continue. Yesterday (January 19th) we discovered a new wave of these attacks, where a number of electricity distribution companies in Ukraine were targeted again following the power outages in December.” – See article by BY ROBERT LIPOVSKY POSTED 20 JAN 2016 – 06:59PM

“The attack on energy facilities on 19-20 January 2016. After the fact”

The attack on energy facilities on 19-20 January 2016. After the fact “”Department Incident Response CyS Centrum (CyS-CERT)” Article No sooner had the country / industry oklematsya against cyber attacks, which had led to the outage for an impressive number of consumers as something similar and potentially dangerous happened again.Unidentified attackers on 19 and January […]

The Cyber Senate announce ICS ISAC Alliance

ICS-ISAC Chair Chris Blask noted that Cyber Senate is an example of an information sharing organization which spans key demographics. “The mission of information sharing involves many stakeholders groups across the entire global community. Cyber Senate captures key thought leaders and works to share information among them and with critical communities. We see Cyber Senate […]

Cyber security for the digital railway

Join the Cyber Senate on March 16th in London for an in-depth discussion on the current and future threat, how the industry is responding, the absolute importance of “Security by Design,” the challenges that bridging IT and OT bring in deploying enterprise facing architecture and how to further develop a culture of awareness. Cyber threats […]

Anti-IS group’ claims BBC website attack

Reports state the BBC was subject to a DDoS attack by group calling itself “New World Hacking,” targeting IS affiliated web activity. They are reported to have stated “We are based in the US, but we strive to take down Isis [IS] affiliated websites, also Isis members. The reason we really targeted the BBC is […]

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