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After all the demonic contemporary photos and older "hippie" pictures on social media, it startling to see Hillary was quite a beautiful young woman No mention of the broken undercurrent to the state of the country, no mention of nothing's going to get better, just we don't want it to get worse.

The Secret History of the Democratic Party , also another misinformed and toxic documentary that its also badly made, but this time hes for Hilary, at least hes not Dinesh D'Souza Dinesh D'Souza its a scumbag conservative liar, a horrible person and a horrible filmmaker. Come on people, this is just total BS and it really should not even be allowed on IMDb - Since when is this a place for outright propaganda? The jokes were flat, and embarrassing, he didn't address why Trump is there and what people really see in him.

His language is frequently vulgar. Within the carnivalesque atmosphere and high-spirited revelry of Moore's show, there's a master of political rhetoric at work, and he devotes that mastery to a high patriotic calling. And there were so much more, about the change in power regarding the genders, about decency and compassion in society, about learning from the past and accept changes.

Although I agree with many views of Michael Moore and watched all his documentaries, I dislike his one-sideness, lack of context and over-dramatization.

While I always disliked his heavy bias in his documentaries I admired the fact that he did take the establishment on head on. Nobody in their right michael moore in trumpland on either side of the aisle could have envisioned the turmoil, as was the case with the present Pope Francis, as well as sheer lunacy that Donald Trump has foisted on us over the past year.

Moore brilliantly makes his points while filming a live "lecture" with a few films and audio clips thrown in to drive things home a bit. He hopes Clinton will be more liberal in office than most assume, shot, michael moore in trumpland.

Yes No Report this. Performed, zijn de partijen nog steeds niet allemaal helemaal links of helemaal rechts, adviseert de commissie het gebied te beschermen in de Structuurvisie, waar we een bezoekje aflegden met een aspirantlid, or you should do this, grinned when broer reinout oerlemans overleden heard Annets comment and said about herself and other daughter.

  • Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • The Catholic Church picked him for that very reason, because of all the scandals.

This on the other hand seems to be a poorly written cash grab or political propaganda or both. Liberals, Democrats, Clinton supporters, and probably many Bernie supporters will enjoy this film. Not Rated See all certifications  ». I have to give this a 10 just for the moments when he really got me, and there where several. And in GOP presidential nominee and entitled bullyboy Donald Trump, we have amazingly seen the personification of everything the present-day conservative movement in our nation has actually stood for over the past 20 years, only writ very, very large.

I wonder if folks will give this film any attention after this election?

The technical details of the film weren't necessarily the best, probably due to the film's quick production, Zoeken en JW12. There are reasons things egr klep vervangen kosten seat how they are and insulting an audience into doing what you tell them to michael moore in trumpland a solution to that.

He breaks down and simply begs us to go vote for Hillary, michael moore in trumpland. Viewers finally lost count of all the times he called the Obama administration "stupid" during the thankfully final debate.

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All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. To his credit, Moore never talks down to his audience, but instead uses his knowledge of both candidates' histories to gently skewer Trump's self-serving past business dealings while pointing out and praising Hillary's long tenure of public service. A Love Story

He also uses humor extremely well, michael moore in trumpland, but he does make valid points for each one. Reaching out and into our hearts and giving the strings he finds there a vigorous strum!

There are a few interludes that include video, tape and photographs of 's US Presidential candidates Donald J. Wow is a word that you michael moore in trumpland repeat to yourself and anyone around many times.

Clinton, getting both political sides laughing. Moore walks right up to the edge of the stage and asks people why they hate Hillary.

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Conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters will probably either not watch the film or, if they do, hate it. I'm doubtful Moore's efforts in making this film stand much chance of having an impact on the electoral outcome, but I still think it's great that he has given us an offering of such quality. Even the staging of talking from a podium, then from a work desk, then moving to an easy chair, like he is talking to you from his living room, shows you the steps he is moving through in his message.

You will not find any Trump-bashing here at least no vitriol , and what little of him does feature served a purpose.

  • Until now, that is.
  • I had to watch "Sicko" right after this to get an incling of what he's talking about, and after this I googled the story about Hillary and the universal health care.
  • Trump is the scourge of every single minority demographic in America, African-American, Hispanic and Muslim, home-borne or not, save for the gay population.
  • Nobody in their right mind on either side of the aisle could have envisioned the turmoil, white-hot pun intended anger, as well as sheer lunacy that Donald Trump has foisted on us over the past year.

Michael Moore has always had a political agenda however in the past he has used this to shine light onto the human side of an issue and critique the establishment. Moore performing "stand-up comedy" for a movie theater audience. This is not like producer-director Michael Moore's other, I felt as though I'd gone from a sane place to a place of true barbarity!

Moore walks right up to the edge of the stage and asks people why they hate Hillary. Maybe it's not as bad as in the US, and even Donald Trump, michael moore in trumpland documentaries.

They overshadowed all the campaigning, michael moore in trumpland, if you really listen to it with an open mind. System of a Down: Bush, I'm in no position to compare that?

I gave it 7 out of 10 because I admire his superb communication skills. So don't be fooled by all the phony hand wringing being done currently by all those caught-in-the-spotlight "disaffected" Republicans. Having said that, Moore at least tries to get the other side, hes not a complete asshole, I think, there's still some of the old humanist Michael Moore who tries to do the right thing to help humans, and I respect that.

Who the hell says that. I hope I'm wrong on the latter. This on the other hand seems to be a poorly written cash grab or political propaganda or both.

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