Nuclear cyber security conference | Identify security and resilience priorities

Featured Speaker

Nuclear Cybersecurity conference

Will Ollerhead

ETC-Enrichment Technology Company

Group Information Security Manager

Will is the Group Information Security Manager with responsibilities for information security across the whole of ETC; reporting to the Head of Group Security. He has spent 39 years in the nuclear industry initially working for British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) based at Capenhurst near Chester and on projects across BNFL’s other sites. Will transitioned to Urenco Nuclear Enrichment Company and then transferred to ETC IN 2003. Will’s professional background is Information Technology having started in Instrumentation and Plant Control Systems and transferred into IT Management including Security. During his time in ETC he has worked on a wide variety of international projects in the US, France, Germany, Holland and the UK. A large part of Will’s IT project work has involved developing installations to match regulatory requirements at each of the national facilities. During 2015 Will transitioned to take the role of Information Security for ETC helping to develop a robust Information Security defence for the company; reflecting the Boards decision to focus time and effort on the evolving Cyber threat.

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